Get the most from every penny you spend on your property by hiring a licensed, insured business to provide proper maintenance and repairs. Bruni & Campisi has been operating since 1979, and we have excelled at the needs that come with the area’s cold continental climate. Schedule a service call whenever you need assistance with:

• Plumbing
• Heating & Cooling
• Energy Efficiency
• Generator Installation
Oil to Gas Conversions

Maintenance and Repair in Fairfield County

Smart property owners know the impact of prevention. Plumbing inspections, seasonal HVAC maintenance and periodic energy audits ensure your investments won’t go to waste. Assessing your home’s essential systems also gives you a heads up to potential problems. They allow you to find solutions at your convenience instead of scrambling to minimize the damage once a system fails. We have a variety of maintenance plans that make it easy for you to safeguard your property while you save.

Upgrading your essential home systems is another way to protect your property. We can help you stay ahead of current trends, and preserve the value of your home or business.

Energy Improvements and Green Innovations

Bruni & Campisi go the extra mile when it comes to updates. We have access to the latest EnergyStar products, as well as complete heating and cooling systems known for their low costs. Geothermal, for instance, utilizes underground temperatures to help regulate home comfort. Installations generate savings of up to 40%.

Installing a generator suited to your property can make a significant impact as well. When storms knock the power out, you want to make sure you’ll be safe and secure. A generator can be large enough to run all of your usual appliances and equipment, or can be small enough to keep your security system going when you’re the most vulnerable.

Be prepared for whatever may come your way by hiring the right company for plumbing, heating and cooling, and energy management today. Contact the team at Bruni & Campisi today!