Signs You Need AC Repair Service

Many people do not fully appreciate their air conditioning until something goes wrong with it. Prior to this happening, there are often signs that provide you with a warning that service is needed by licensed air conditioning contractors. To keep you comfortable in the hot summer months, our air conditioning contractors at Bruni & Campisi would like you to take a few moments to look and listen to your AC, this quick assessment can keep you feeling cool.

Five Signs You Need to Hire an Air Conditioning Contractor

  1. Do you hear noise coming from the AC unit? Your unit should have a very quiet hum, but no other noises. If you hear any grating, grinding, squealing or other such noises being produced by your AC unit, it is a good sign that it needs the attention of a professional. These sounds typically indicate there is an internal problem and there is the possibility that it may break down.
  2. Is there moisture accumulation around the unit? Finding moisture near your AC unit can mean there is trouble brewing. Unnecessary moisture can lead to additional problems which can then result in the unit needing to be replaced. Leaking coolant also becomes obvious when it pools next to the AC unit.
  3. Is the air coming out cool enough? If you find that the air that is being produced is not cool, or is sub-par, you should have a HVAC technician inspect your unit. This can often be a simple matter, or indicate that it needs to be replaced.
  4. Is there a temperature difference throughout your home? When your AC is working properly, you should not find a noticeable difference between the rooms in your home. This can actually be an issue with the thermostat rather than the unit itself, but needs to be handled by a professional.
  5. Is the air flow inadequate? If you have noticed a decrease in the air flow, it can mean there are various issues within your unit. Contacting an air condition technician can pin point the issue and give you the results you want.

Our licensed HVAC professionals have been assisting homeowners since 1979. If you find you are in need of reliable air conditioning contractors for the maintenance or repair of your unit, contact us today.

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