When winter comes, staying warm isn’t just a matter of comfort. Recently, temperatures were well below freezing with wind chills approaching the negatives. Such temperatures are not just uncomfortable but hazardous. The following five tips should help you stay warm during the colder months of the year.

Insulate Your Home

As any good heating contractor will tell you, drafts in your home can make it far colder than it needs be. Always remember to insulate around doorframes and windows to block the most obvious places warm air escapes and cold air enters your home. However, some drafts are less noticeable. These might come from power outlets and light switches can lose a surprising amount of heat.

Use Space Heaters

If you find yourself spending a great deal of time in one room, a space heater can prove very useful. This is very important if you’re waiting for heating contractor repair work on your central heating system. Plus, space heaters are a relatively inexpensive purchase costing on average between fifty and one hundred dollars.

Wear Warmer Clothing

Despite having a working heating system older homes may be in need of repair work and upgrades by a heating contractor. You can keep yourself warmer and more comfortable while waiting by wearing heavier clothing. Heavy fabrics and accessories such as wool sweaters can keep you warm until repairs are made.

Install a New Central Heating System

Home heating is something that can last for decades and is often not replaced very often. Because of this, an inefficient system may be keeping your home far colder then it need be. A modern system will work better, be more efficient, and hiring a skilled heating contractor speeds up this process.

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