Carrier AC Repair Service

At Bruni & Campisi, we’ve been providing Carrier air conditioner repair to home and business owners in Westchester County, NY and Greenwich and Stamford, CT, for nearly 40 years.

We offer comprehensive Carrier air conditioner service to residential and commercial clients. Need a new unit in a new build? Ready for a home upgrade? Worried that your AC unit isn’t cooling well enough? We’ll solve your concerns in a hurry. Not only do we have the training to do it, but we also have all the tools needed for Carrier AC service, repair or replacement.

Fast, Efficient Carrier Air Conditioner Service

Homeowners should have their AC unit inspected before the start of the cooling season to check for any problems. Doing this ahead of time allows you to schedule needed repairs when they’re convenient, instead of last-minute or after a breakdown. Regular maintenance and early repairs also prevent more extensive damage requiring expensive repairs.
During yearly maintenance, we’ll check all of your electrical and mechanical components, as well as your drain line and pan. Any adjustments needed will be performed by our trained technicians. Afterward, you’ll not only be protected from surprise problems, but your system will also work better all season. Your home will be more comfortable while you’re using less energy than you otherwise would have. It’s a win-win!

Qualified Carrier AC Repairs in NY and CT

Carrier is a trusted brand with a long-standing history of excellence, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these units are fairly reliable. Keep your system in good working condition to get the full benefits. Your AC could last 15 years or longer if you stay on top of small problems. Let us help with our professional Carrier air conditioning services.

Schedule Carrier AC service today or ask about available upgrades. Contact Bruni & Campisi today!