The summer sun can turn your house into a sauna but the season isn’t always about sunshine. It also brings storms, and flooding, which can cause your home to lose power. Cooling down a home is a lot harder than warming up a home.

Power loss isn’t the only thing you should worry about. Some air conditioning systems have a knack at breaking down on some of the hottest days of the year. An air conditioner tune up can help them run more efficiently and reduce the chance of them breaking down during the hot summer months.

Maintaining Your Cooling Systems

There are a few systems that you may use that help keep your home cool from your air conditioning systems to standby generators, keeping these systems in top condition can help you avoid break downs and help with energy consumption.

Air Conditioner

Whether you choose to have your air conditioner tuned once a year or twice a year this maintenance is important for several reasons. A professional tune up on your air conditioning system should include a check on operating pressures, the capability of it to start, all pumps and pipes should be checked and cleared, and electrical components should be given a thorough testing. Filters should also be checked and replaced if necessary.


If your thermostat is not working properly then your house’s ability to cool off can be dramatically reduced. A bi-annual check of your thermostat should include battery replacement and testing to make sure your thermostat is monitoring temperatures in your home correctly, this check can save you a lot of money when it comes to energy costs. Most professionals will check your thermostat during an air conditioner tune up.

Standby Generators

A standby generator should be maintained at least every two years or if the generator is in use for more than 200 hours. A professional will take care of the following to make sure your standby generator is ready to go in an emergency.

Just like your car, your generator will need an oil change. The spark plugs and the filter might also be replaced.
All electrical components will be checked and tested. This maintenance will give you peace of mind that your standby generators will be ready to power your air conditioning if a power failure occurs during the sweltering summer.

Bruni & Campisi Offers Quality Air Conditioning Repair

Bruni & Campisi offers an annual maintenance agreement. This maintenance agreement lets you have an annual tune up at a lower cost and can be done on any make or model of cooling equipment up to 5 tons, no matter the age.

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