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Common HVAC Installation Errors

It’s understandable to keep costs low when renovating your home or business facility. There are certain aspects of construction and building repair that can be fully performed in-house without taking much of a risk. It can be tempting to choose … Continue reading

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Tips for HVAC Maintenance: How to Prevent an HVAC Emergency from Happening

Taking a little bit of time to be conscientious about maintaining one’s equipment can help prevent bigger problems in the future. This idea is particularly worth considering with regards to HVAC preventative maintenance. In a complex system with multiple parts … Continue reading

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Benefits of Going Green for New York Residents

Chances are good you’ve heard quite a bit about “going green” lately. Renewable energy, electric cars, energy-efficient buildings and other green topics are all common themes in day-to-day conversations and in the news. You probably know that going green can … Continue reading

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How Your HVAC System Could Impact Business Productivity

As a conscientious business owner, you work hard to create a good work environment for your staff. You understand the effect of a healthy work environment on employees’ productivity — a person who is comfortable in their space is more … Continue reading

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Tips for Handling a Heating or Cooling Emergency

Have you ever had to deal with your heat not working during the winter? Have you had to experience what happens when your AC breaks during the summer? Here at Bruni & Campisi, we understand the frustration you feel when … Continue reading

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noise but Not Blowing Any Air?

As with other members of the mechanical family, air conditioners are subject to wear, tear and breakdown. If your air conditioner is making a loud buzzing noise, or if it’s powered on but no air is coming out of the … Continue reading

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Sump Pump Maintenance Tips to Prepare for Summer Storms

Sump pumps help reduce flooding during storms. Here in the New York metropolitan area, Superstorm Sandy allowed us to witness firsthand the devastation that excess water can wreak on a home. As the height of hurricane season approaches, we here … Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Hard Water and Water Softeners

The water we use every day is easy to take for granted. After all, we simply turn on a tap, and it’s there. Water isn’t always as simple or reliable as we’d like. Many people endure the daily nuisance of … Continue reading

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Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning: It’s Possible!

Summertime can bring extreme heat and make it tough to keep your home or business cool! If you’re concerned about the increase you’ll experience in utility costs or worried about the impact you’ll have on the environment by running your … Continue reading

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Is My Air Conditioner Broken? How to Know if You Need a New Unit.

A broken air conditioner during the summer is a real let down. You, your family, your staff and your clients live and work better in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment — a hot, sweaty home or business facility is no fun … Continue reading

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