Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

How to Keep Your Home Cool With Insulation

When we think about insulation, we usually think about it in terms of keeping heat inside of a house. While this is certainly one of the important benefits insulation provides, the inverse of the logic — using insulation to keep heat out — should also be a priority. Insulation is a terrific regulator that can help maintain a constant temperature in your house and minimize your energy bills.

As temperatures rise, so does the need for cooler interiors. Let’s take a look at how summer house insulation can help keep your energy bills affordable this season.

Does Insulation Keep Heat Out?

The short answer to this question is “yes.” Whether you use fiberglass, blow-in, or spray foam insulation, this material helps prevent air from escaping your home. In winter, we recognize that if we’re pumping warm air into our home, an air leak will cause the warm air our heating system generates to escape.

The same principle applies to cold air pumped out by air conditioning systems. Without anything to keep the cold air these systems disperse in your home, your machine will need to work more to maintain a comfortable environment for you.

If a machine is working harder than it should be given optimal conditions, it is said to be inefficient. Inefficient machines are concerning for multiple reasons:

  • Having to work harder and longer wears down parts and necessitates more frequent repairs.
  • Having to operate longer requires more energy, thus driving up your utility bills.
  • Higher energy use depletes our natural resources.
  • Higher energy use may cause environmental harm depending on how your local utility company generates its power.

If your car had a faulty part that reduced its gas mileage or caused it to fail an emissions inspection, you’d want to repair it as soon as you could. Think about your home’s insulation system the same way. An area that isn’t particularly well-insulated will cost you more money in the long run, so even a small repair can have a big impact.

A Quick Word on Building Envelopes

Having a well-structured building envelope — the part of your home that acts as a barrier shielding you from exterior conditions — can save you time and money while reducing some of the stresses of homeownership.

Insulation is a critical part of your home’s building envelope, so doing what you can to reduce air leakage with a well-maintained insulation system is a smart way to keep your summer cooling costs low.

Bruni & Campisi — Your Keep Cool in the Summer Insulation Experts

Bruni & Campisi provides a wide range of insulation services to homeowners located in the regions of Westchester County in New York and Stamford and Greenwich in Connecticut.

Our expert installers provide full service insulation services including spray foam, blow-in cellulose or fiberglass insulation and can also provide air/aero sealing and duct work. These services help keep your summer utility bills low and increase your home’s comfort level, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout your rooms.

We offer limited promotions throughout the summer for up to $300 off your insulation install. You may also qualify for NYSERDA incentives, further offsetting the cost of this smart investment. To find out more about current promotions for insulation, contact us for a free estimate!


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