Drain Cleaning

Every single time your faucet, shower, the toilet is used it puts the corresponding drain in a vulnerable situation. Hair, skin cells, food, grease, and other foreign objects all contribute to clogged drains which eventually become a huge pain for homeowners. Clogged drains are more than a nuisance – they spread bacteria and odors while potentially doing thousands of dollars worth of damage either to the plumbing system or the house itself.

What Causes Clogged Drains?

Basically, anything that goes into a drain beside water will contribute to clogging.  Sometimes its the object coupled with the water that actually creates the blockage (pasta or coffee grounds that expand with moisture for example). What kind of clog you’re experiencing depends largely on the room/area where it is occurring.

In the bathroom, the biggest drain clogging threat is hair. Humans lose over 100 hairs per day – mostly while brushing or washing. Since you mostly brush your hair near the bathroom sink and vanity or wash it in the shower those lost hairs have to go somewhere and the drain is the exit point. The toilet can also contribute to blocked plumbing mostly due to the flushing of baby wipes, toys, and a whole (literal) laundry list of other items. Sewage drain cleaning is an especially health conscious service.

The other major area where drain clogging originates is in the kitchen, specifically the garbage disposal. Grease is a huge no-no for flushing down your kitchen sink because it gums up on the walls of the pipes and works as a spider-web to catch chunks of food. Chicken bones will cause drain clogs as will hard items such as egg shells. Remember that your garbage disposal isn’t a wood chipper and only approved foods and debris should be ground up with it.

Dangers of Clogs and Water Backup

The reason you should have your drains cleaned by Bruni and Campisi on a regular basis is because there are some serious risks that come with clogging. Blockages will cause backflow and standing water carries bacteria. Eventually, if a clog is left to fester something will have to give which could cause leaks in your home or in the soil outside. Sewage can facilitate the excessive and exponential growth of bacteria such as Campylobacteriosis, Typhoid, Peptic Ulcer Disease, and other infections. Make sure it doesn’t happen within your home!

The threat of disease is a very advanced risk of clogged drains. That being said there are still going to be pungent odors associated with water that doesn’t dissipate. Asthma sufferers will have irritation with clogged drains and allergy suffers are also more prone to flareups. Skin issues can also develop when coming in contact with the dirty water and at the very least the stench causes a headache and a bad mood. Once again, these issues can all be avoided with regular visits by our company.

Bruni and Campisi Drain Cleaning Services

The reason our drain cleaning services are beneficial is because they are two pronged:

  1. Inspection
  2. Cleaning

Backed up drains are not always caused by chicken bones, hair, or baby wipes. Sometimes your slow draining or water backup is due to a tree root that has grown through the pipe or older pipes that have developed cracks and holes.

Once we have determined the cause – we can enact the solution whether that be high intensity water flushing, using a roto-tool, or in extreme cases recommending a replacement for damaged pipe sections.

At the very least our drain cleaning offers you convenience and sound peace of mind in knowing that dirty water will go away when you flush the toilet, use the shower, do a load of laundry, etc. If we already lose 100 hairs a day, there’s no reason to increase that amount with worrying about plumbing concerns!