Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

It is almost midnight and the air conditioning broke down! What can be more frustrating than an unexpected scenario like this? Bruni & Campisi can make emergency air conditioning repair very easy. We have been providing emergency air conditioning repair service with zero complaints.

When to Know Your Air Conditioning Needs Immediate Repair

When it comes to air conditioning, no problem is too small to seek professional help. Your air conditioning needs repair when:
1. Not Cooling
2. Limited Cooling
3. Uneven Cooling
4. Strange Noises
5. Water Leaks
6. Short Cycling (running frequently and shutting off before the cycle is complete)
7. Hard Starting (struggling to turn on)
8. AC Tripping the Circuit Breaker
9. Thermostat Inaccuracies

What Can Cause Emergency Air Conditioning Repair?

Some common causes of emergency air conditioning repairs are:
1. Improper Preventive Maintenance: Poor Maintenance is the number one reason for emergency calls. When you neglect regular air conditioning maintenance, do not be surprised if an emergency arises. Check the system’s owner manual regarding necessary preventive maintenance, including regularly changing filters and schedule a professional for a maintenance visit. A professional can clean and attend to system components, verifying fluid levels and other essential requirement.
2. Inexperienced Service: Always choose expert service. An inexperienced service can cause further problem.
3. A System in Need of Replacement: Aging air conditioning is far more prone to leave you high and dry than new ones. If you are paying for repeated repairs and emergency service calls, consider replacing it.

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Bruni & Campisi is a licensed, insured and certified air conditioning servicer. Since 1979 we have served satisfied customers in Westchester County, Yonkers, New York, Stamford and Greenwich, Connecticut. We have highly experienced and well trained technicians at your service for any make, model or brand of air conditioning system. Our trustworthy technicians will work diligently to meet your emergency air conditioning repair. Your emergency will be treated at the highest priority. Call us at 914.269.6760 (NY) and 203.413.5533 (CT).