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How you save energy this summer does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. When you are conscious of your energy consumption habits, it is easier to save energy summer costs. Take advantages of energy conservation services that will have a better impact on the environment and cost you less.

Forego Constantly Adjusting the Air Conditioner

Air conditioning costs can add hundreds of dollars to an electric bill for the summer. Try to make sure that your air conditioner is set as high as is comfortable for your family members during the summer months. Adjusting the air conditioner up a degree every few days is also an easy way to gradually help your family members become comfortable with a higher setting. When you are gone for extended period of time, set the air conditioner at 85 degrees. It is also important that you keep the air conditioner at a constant temperature and avoid adjusting it. Adjusting the air conditioner temperature will force your unit to work harder and add costs.

Avoid using the “Dry” Function on Your Dishwasher

Many dishwashers feature a “dry” function that requires the use of additional energy to absorb moisture on the dishes. Instead of using this function, try air drying your dishes instead. You may notice that they dry faster and that you save on energy costs.

Unplug Electronics that Are Not in Use

Make sure that you take the time to unplug electronics that you do not use in your home. If you use a power strip and forget to turn it off, this could add costs to your electric bill.

Invest In a Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is an appointment in which a professional can help you learn how to specifically cut down on costs for your home. Energy conservation services can be useful in helping you understand ways to reduce electricity costs and other utility costs for your home.

Eliminate Extra Freezers or Refrigerators

If you don’t plan on using an extra freezer or refrigerator during the summer months, then consider tossing these appliances. Having an extra refrigerator plugged in can add tremendous costs to an energy bill.

Contact Bruni and Campisi for Additional Help

The professionals at Bruni and Campisi can provide energy conservation services to help you trim your energy bills this summer. Set up an appointment for a home energy audit or one of our other energy conservation services if you are interested in running a more energy-efficient home. Our professionals are glad to assist you in maintaining appliances, installing eco-friendly appliances or conducting a home energy audit of the energy use in your home. Call us today at 914.229.2809 or fill out a contact form.

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