Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

Bruni & Campisi provides comprehensive garbage disposal repair service to customers in Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT areas.

When Your Disposal Gets Jammed

When your garbage disposal gets jammed, it’s tempting to stick something in between the blades and attempt to push them into action. The problem is, you can destroy the blades, the motor or other components in the process. Certain foods — like onions or celery — are not recommended for use in a garbage disposal because of the fibrous nature of the material. These stringy bits of food can wrap around the blades and cause them to stick.

We can handle your garbage disposal repair when jammed blades refuse to turn for many reasons. Sometimes, a piece of food is simply too thick to allow the blades to turn.

You may be able to knock this free on your own by disconnecting the unit from its power source and using the handle of a wooden spoon to clear the blockage. Make sure you read your owner’s manual, however. Certain models have a release button you must push beforehand. For obvious reasons, it’s often best to call in professional repair for a jammed garbage disposal. You may invest a small amount in a service call, but you’ll forgo the expense of a complete replacement.

Other Garbage Disposal Repairs

Proper solutions to your disposal problems largely depend on the model you own. At Bruni & Campisi, we have experience with all major brands and the latest models, including the Insinkerator garbage disposal brand.

A common source of ongoing issues is a diy garbage disposal installation. DIY lovers sometimes don’t know when to call in reinforcements. Most of the time, they may not have the skills, knowledge or tools to properly install a garbage disposal and prevent leaks or power outages.

These devices provide you with a fast, easy way to clear food from your sink and take care of minor food waste. They help your kitchen stay extra clean and add value to your property, but none of that is true if you can’t keep it working. If yours is broken, schedule a garbage disposal replacement immediately.