Generac Generators Sales, Service and Installation

When the power goes out, your home or business will stay secure when a backup power source is installed. If you’re in Westchester County, NY or Greenwich & Stamford, CT areas, be sure to give Bruni & Campisi a call whenever you’re considering adding a generator to your property or whenever you need Generac generator repairs. Work with a business that has experience sizing, installing and repairing high-performing units in our region to make sure your investment lasts.

Generac Authorized Service Dealers

Bruni & Campisi handle all aspects of generator ownership. Our factory-trained technicians help you select the perfect unit for your property and show you how to keep it in the best condition year after year. It’s easy with Generac, which is why eight out of 10 homes choose Generac emergency power systems.

We’re also Generac authorized installers, and we know how important it is to get the job right. Mistakes during the initial stages can plague your system throughout its service life. Home and business owners have a tough time determining how much power they’ll really need during a blackout. We’ll help you stay focused on the essentials, and we can show you how your costs will change as you add in the support for extra features.

The best news is we’re a Generac authorized repair service, too. That means we’ll be able to complete repairs covered by the manufacturer’s impressive warranty, regardless of where you bought your unit. Unfortunately, certain mistakes during installation may void your coverage, so hire a professional for the job whenever possible.

Generac Installation, Repairs and Replacement

If you’re searching for service for Generac generator parts or repair, look no further! We offer the best Generac service dealer in the region, and given our authorized status, we’re often your most affordable option, too.

Don’t put your property at risk. Arm yourself against the inevitable. Install a Generac generator today and enjoy long-lasting protection against power outages. Request your free quote today!