Generator Repair and Replacement

How do you know when it’s time to repair your generator? Hopefully not in the middle of a winter storm. Regular maintenance of your system will help detect problems in the making. Once identified, Bruni & Campisi can complete your home generator repair quickly.

For nearly 40 years, we’ve provided residents of Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT, and the surrounding areas with the best HVAC services available. This includes solutions for periodic power outages. When the worst of the cold weather rages, we offer respite by way of several types of emergency backup generators.

These units are hardwired into your home’s electrical panel and run on steady supplies of natural gas, propane and other fuels. You shouldn’t even have to flip a switch to have them kick on. As soon as your power goes out, a backup emergency generator is programmed to take over.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Generator Right Now

The most obvious sign that you’re in trouble is when the power goes out without your emergency generator turning on. If you’re using a standby residential system, there shouldn’t be a large break in service. If you’re using a portable unit, you may have major problems.

Portable generators are appropriate for camping or remote sites where you’ll need electricity. At your home, they can be used to plug in select appliances. However, a portable generator should never be fed into your electrical box.

If you do have a permanent generator installed on site, be sure to call a generator repair service whenever it won’t turn on or can’t handle the electric load your home is placing on your system.

Schedule Your Annual Home Generator Maintenance

Like any other piece of the equipment in your home, a generator can run into issues with operation and performance. There’s no sure-fire way to eliminate accidents. Selecting a trusted brand is a good first step. Hiring an experienced generator repair service is your best defense at preventing surprise problems cropping up.

In business since 1979, Bruni & Campisi make customer security a top priority. Our technicians are trained to look for red flags in operations — such as a low electrical reading or strange sounds during operation. Schedule generator maintenance today and be ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way this winter.