It is getting cold, and like many households, you are turning on the heater. However, there is another way of heating the house besides the common forced air heating and cooling system. Radiant heating provides the most natural and comfortable heat in a home, and is much more energy efficient.

What is Radiant Heating?

Radiant heating systems supply heat through a house like the sun heats the Earth. The sun shines on the ground and that energy is held and dissipates slowly in order to keep an even temperature. A radiant heating system warms a room by heating the floor, a wall unit, or overhead panel by warming the space, unlike forced air, radiant heat doesn’t require the blowing of hot air or movement of air currents in the room in order to warm the space.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is a very energy efficient way to heat your home and outdoor spaces. It requires a lower temperature to obtain the same heat transfer due to the larger surface area radiant heat provides; especially in an under floor installation.

If you have ever enjoyed the warmth of the ground in a park in summertime that had absorbed the warmth of the sun all day, you will enjoy an under floor radiant heating system.  Even though you are not using the sun as a power source, the effect is the same. A warm floor makes any space feel more comfortable without excessive energy use. By using a low voltage system, the radiant heating system converts 99.9% of the electricity to usable infrared heat.

Installing Radiant Heat

Installing radiant heat is as easy as installing a panel in the wall, in the ceiling, or in the subfloor so that a maximum heat transfer is achieved. The panels can be heated by means of electric heat or through pumping warm water in a closed system to transfer the heat. In the case of floor or ceiling panels, the units are made of aluminum which is excellent for the transfer of heat and warmth.

If you are considering a new and efficient way to warm your home, contact Bruni & Campisi today for more information on radiant heating. We will take care of the installation and service of your radiant heating system, and make sure you have a warm and energy efficient home this winter.

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