Hard Water Softener and Filter Systems

You’ll be surprised by the impact hard water softener systems have on your daily life. Until you’ve experienced the difference, it may be hard to imagine. Bruni & Campisi can make soft water a reality for homeowners in the Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT areas.

Your hair, skin and clothes will feel softer. Everything from dishes to toilets will look not only look cleaner for longer, they will also be easier to clean quickly. Investing in a hard water softener for your home is worth the expense in terms of quality-of-life alone, not to mention the money you save in efficiency or preserving appliances.

Constant residue has a big impact on your water pipes and appliances. Fix hard water build-up with a reliable, long-lasting unit to avoid the problems that come with increased sediment.

Installing the Right Hard Water Filter System for Your Property

City water often has an overabundance of magnesium and other harsh elements. A water softener swaps out these particles with sodium and potassium, lowering the alkalinity of the water. Bruni & Campisi can help you choose the best water softener for your home depending on how hard your water is, filtering concerns, and if you need it for well or city water.

Potential Problems With Your Hard Water Filtration System

We’re experienced at providing hard water solutions for home applications, and it’s frustrating to see the same problems time and again. Many are preventable with appropriate use and maintenance of hard water filtration systems. Fortunately, one of them is an easy fix.

If you notice your water is feeling hard, as if it’s leaving behind a residue whenever you shower or wash your dishes, it’s time to open the tank of your water softener. A hard layer of sediment may be sitting on top of the salt in your tank, blocking the flow needed for efficient hard water softening.

All that’s needed is a yard stick, broom handle or similar device to break apart this hardened surface. It’s the sign of a bigger problem, however, that needs correcting in order to prevent future issues. Ask Bruni & Campisi for tips on controlling unit humidity and surface buildup.

The second problem will likely require the help of a professional. Salt mushing occurs when a layer of sediment sludge forms on the bottom of your tank. Our services offer you an affordable, clean and convenience fix, though you may need to change your brands of salt and perform regular maintenance to prevent a repeat of this issue.

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