Bruni & Campisi delivers the best plumbing, heating and cooling, and energy services in the area. We know the pride that Harrison residents take in their community, and we rise to the occasion by offering property owners a wide amount of services you won’t find with any other company. We work to be your single source for every home maintenance and repair need.

Comprehensive Home Maintenance Services in Harrison, NY

Quality maintenance goes a long way toward preserving – and improving – your property value. Contact us the next time you need to service:

• Heating & Cooling
• Generator Equipment

Insurance policies recommend regular system inspections and upkeep to prevent costly damages. These shouldn’t be limited to aging properties. For instance, newer homes in areas with public water high in acidity should have a yearly plumbing inspection. After all, corrosion can lead to leaks and potential structural damages.

We also offer upgrade and installation on all of your home’s main equipment. Keep your property updated, and stay in tune with changing trends. From new faucets to the most efficient appliances on the market, we’ll help you stay ahead of today’s latest advancements for the home.

Improved Energy Efficiency in Westchester County

Bruni & Campisi is known for reliable, trustworthy service, but more than that, we do our best to make life as comfortable and convenient as possible — without increasing your costs. We accomplish that by pushing energy efficiency to its limits.

Ask us about our groundbreaking geothermal units used for heating and cooling homes, or ask about the benefits of converting older oil-based equipment to natural gas. We have access to the best green technology on the market, but for those who prefer traditional methods, an energy audit will still lead to savings. Find out where energy is going, and discover ways to lessen your use.

Bruni & Campisi is leading the way in Harrison, NY. Contact us to schedule a service call today!