Heating and AC Zone Control

Are you looking for ways to maximize comfort while giving your bills a break? What about solutions for family members who have two very different opinions on the perfect temperature? HVAC zone control systems offer a perfect solution! Bruni & Campisi easily converts traditional central air setups to multizone heating and cooling systems — and for less than you might think!

Multiple Thermostats for Different Zones in Your Home

An HVAC zone control system breaks your property into sections. Each comes with its own temperature control panel, so you can set the heat or air higher in certain rooms than in others. Fighting over the thermostat is never fun. But now? It’s also unnecessary. Converting to an HVAC zone system is fast and easy, and the savings you get from preventing wasted energy help your investment pay off sooner rather than later.

Additionally, HVAC zone control systems add value to your property. They’re convenient, energy-efficient and improve comfort. All three features have a big impact on sale value if your home ever goes on the market.

Benefits of Heating Zone Control

Winter months leave some homeowners chronically cold, but turning up the heat for the whole house increases your heating bills. A zoned system allows for providing extra heat in spaces when they’re needed. Simply adjust your applicable thermostat and enjoy the modern conveniences that advanced HVAC services provide.

The same can be true for zoned air conditioning systems. For individuals who don’t enjoy summer’s heat and humidity, air conditioning zone control allows you to stay cool without freezing your housemates out. Stay comfortable year ‘round and cut your budget. Take a look at the latest multizone systems today!

Go for the Total HVAC Upgrade

If you’re already switching from a traditional heating and cooling system to one with multizone controls, it might be the right time to upgrade more of your HVAC features. Bruni & Campisi has access to advanced add-on technology available through today’s leading brands.

Some of our most popular models feature smart controls. Change the temperature, set heating and cooling schedules and monitor energy use, all from your smartphone or other mobile device. Other new models allow for predicting zone behavior based on normal use over a period of time.

Humidity control is another popular component of today’s HVAC systems. Whether you add or remove moisture from the air, you can adjust how warm or cool your home feels without adjusting the thermostat. This presents a big savings in energy costs and prevents problems associated with low and high indoor humidity levels.

Finally, air filtration has become more important than ever with recent studies showing indoor air is roughly seven times dirtier than outdoor air. The impact of cleaning solutions, fumes from building materials and chemical residue left behind from any scented product is astounding. Keep your family safe by adding air filtration to your new HVAC setup.

Contact Bruni & Campisi today to request a free quote on moving to a multizone HVAC system and to discover all the upgrades available in your area.