Heating Repairs to Make Your Home Hazard Free

When the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to hunker down inside your cozy home and enjoy a warm drink in front of a crackling fire. Make sure your home this winter stays safe and snug, with an emphasis on safe. Many insidious hazards lurk inside your home that can create havoc during the holidays and throughout the winter months. With a few heating repairs and safe thinking, you can enjoy everything a winter wonderland has to offer indoors without putting you or your family in jeopardy.

What Can Go Wrong

Fortunately, many of the hazards that can occur during winter are avoidable. Use the following checklist to see what might need tending to inside and outside your home before anything goes wrong.


You should have your furnace examined thoroughly by a furnace repair professional. Furnace filters may need replacing and duct work and venting should be checked to make sure your heating system is working at top efficiency. A reputable company can also perform regular maintenance on your furnace — the safety of you and your family relies on it.

Frozen pipes

Heated wraps may be just what the pipes in your home need in order to keep them from bursting during frigid temperatures. A home without water during the winter is a headache you don’t need to deal with and if damage is serious, a professional might need to be brought in. When temperatures dip into the teens, keep a continuous stream of water running through your faucets to prevent frozen pipes.

Water Heaters

Cold showers in the dead of winter can be a real pain, but an unskilled repair job can be dangerous. If you are unsure about how to repair your water heater, it is best to contact a professional heating contractor rather than risk bodily harm or damage to your home.

Looking for a Heating Contractor? Call Bruni & Campisi!

Winter can be beautiful, but also hazardous. A heating contractor can help identify potential hazards in your home and ensure your family’s safety. Bruni & Campisi have served the Westchester, Stamford, and Greenwich area since 1979. We are proud to be your trusted source in heating and air conditioning. If you are in need of heating repairs, call us at 914.229.2809 or fill out the contact us form today.

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