HVAC System Repair

When you are looking for a professional to perform heating, ventilation or air conditioning repair in White Plains in Westchester County, NY or the surrounding Greenwich or Stamford CT areas, keep an eye out for licensed, insured technicians with a good deal of practical experience. That’s what you’ll find at Bruni & Campisi.

Licensed, Insured and Experienced HVAC Repair Providers

Bruni & Campisi has spent over 35 years installing and repairing equipment that controls the environment in your home. We have the practical knowledge, equipment and industry contacts to provide you with the most value for every dollar you spend on HVAC repair.
We can solve all HVAC problems, including:

  • Heaters blowing cold air
  • Noisy AC units
  • Condensation on your air ducts
  • Rising heating and cooling costs
  • Poor indoor air quality

You can often fix certain common problems on your own without incurring any expense. For instance, homeowners often confuse blown fuses and tripped breakers for HVAC failure. Blocked air inlets can prevent pilot lights from staying lit. Checking these issues may save you a service call.

More Than Just Heating and Cooling

HVAC repair throughout our service areas isn’t limited to keeping your furnace or air conditioner in good running order. At Bruni & Campisi, we have experience working on many different types of devices, from highly efficient geothermal pumps to gas boilers.

Our technicians provide quick and reliable HVAC repair in White Plains, NY, Westchester County, NY, and Greenwich and Stamford, CT and surrounding service areas. We’ll have your home feeling comfortable again in no time. We can also upgrade your existing heating and cooling units to meet your home’s current demands if you are not ready for a replacement.

Knowing When It Is Time for Replacement

Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your heating and cooling equipment, eventually you will need a new unit. Talk to one of our HVAC repair experts to determine if you should schedule repairs or invest in a new heating, cooling or ventilation system.