hot-water-heaterHot Water System Repair

Are you suffering from water heater problems, such as inadequate hot water supplies or base leaking? You might be looking at a whole system replacement. Before you order your next unit, however, call in a professional to see if you should save your current equipment, instead.

Bruni & Campisi have been providing plumbing and HVAC repair services in NY and CT for nearly four decades. We’re an authorized dealer for several brands, and are licensed and insured professionals. We won’t cut corners while we’re performing your work, and we won’t talk you into a bad bargain. Why? It’s simple: having a helpful, honest focus has made us one of the most popular home service providers in the region!

When you need hot water system repair, make sure you give us a call first. Our fleet of service vehicles is ready to roll out at a moment’s notice, and we keep most of the components we need ready to go, so waiting for lengthy repairs isn’t an issue.

Your water heater can be in trouble if you experience the following:

  • No hot water
  • Bad odor
  • Rust-colored water
  • Popping noises
  • Water leakage around the base
  • High-pitched whining

While you may have a clogged flue or your thermostat could have been turned down, the most likely scenario is a functional problem with your water heater. Without proper training, they’re difficult to diagnose. Fixing the problems can be even more difficult and may require specialty parts or tools.

In the event a hot water system replacement is required, Bruni & Campisi can install an upgraded unit with newer, more energy-efficient features and possible add-ons, such as leak alarms. We carry a line of tankless water heaters, too. They’re perfectly suited to property owners with an eye on lowered utility bills and improved eco-friendly design.

We are proud to have been serving customers in the Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT areas since 1979. Contact us for hot water heater system repair today for a prompt, professional and FREE quote.