Kohler Generators Sales, Service and Installation

Whether your power goes out in the middle of the storm — know your authorized Kohler generator dealers will keep you comfortable and safe. Serving Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT, since 1979, Bruni & Campisi will help you select the perfect emergency generator for your property — and for your budget!

How Much Backup Power Do You Really Need?

Bruni & Campisi are the leading Kohler home generator dealers in the area, because we can handle all of your generator needs. This equipment isn’t as widely owned as an air conditioner or furnace, so many homeowners have no idea where to begin or what brands are best.

We can help you determine how much power you need in an emergency and which units are best suited to your home. When the power goes out, what will you need the most? How will costs increase as you add conveniences? We will fit you with the highest-powered, highest-quality model at the best price.

Bruni & Campisi is also one of the leading Kohler generator service companies in the region. We not only sell the best units but also install, maintain and repair them to ensure they last as long as possible.

How Will I Know My Generator Will Work When Needed?

Your Kohler emergency generator will be wired into your home’s electrical panel and fueled by natural gas or propane for maximum safety and convenience. As soon as the power goes out, your unit should engage without hesitation. There’s no reason to fumble around for hours in the dark attempting to fill a gas or diesel unit.

You shouldn’t try relying on a smaller, portable generator, either. They only handle a handful of appliances at a time, and they can’t be used with your electrical system. They won’t support heating and cooling equipment, security systems and other essential features. You cannot rig them to your breaker box, either. The resulting backflow poses a serious risk for line workers and could damage the wiring in your home.

Protect your home or business from the worst Mother Nature sends your way. Request your FREE, no-obligation quote today!