Croton-on-Hudson: Oil to Gas Conversion Rebate

Are you tired of overpaying for heating oil? With up to $4,000 in conversion rebates, now is the ideal time for you to convert to natural gas heating!

If you are in Croton-on-Hudson, contact us about converting your natural gas lines by March 2017! Once the scheduled road paving is complete, homeowners will need to wait 3-5 years before they can convert to natural gas.


Free Consultation

Contact Bruni & Campisi, Inc. today for a free consultation to assess your natural gas conversion. Your free consultation will include:

  • Oil Tank Removal Assessment: One of our certified technicians will estimate the cost of removing, decommissioning and replacing your existing oil tank, whether it is in-ground or located in your home. We will also recommend a certified subcontractor for the removal of your existing tank.
  • Con Edison Request: Not only will we ensure you fully understand how the natural gas service will be brought to your house and piped to your boiler, we will also handle submitting a rebate request to Con Edison.
  • Chimney/Flue Inspection: We will determine whether your existing chimney or flue is adequate for the conversion or if it will require modification (such as sleeving) or repair work to accommodate the natural gas combustion.
  • Ensure Compliance: We will also review all the requirements for converting for an oil heating system to efficient natural gas

Bruni & Campisi, Inc: Extra Steps to Ensure Home Efficiency

We will also take additional steps to ensure a natural gas conversion is efficient for your home:

  • Provide accurate sizing of your home to determine the proper equipment sizing
  • Explain all advantages and payback period of a high efficiency heating system versus a standard heating system
  • Determine any areas that will reduce your heating requirements and save you money
  • Determine any areas in need of insulation in your home

Contact Bruni & Campisi, Inc. Today

Contact Bruni & Campisi, Inc. to see if you qualify for select rebates and financing.