Get the most from every penny you spend on your property by hiring a licensed, insured business to provide proper maintenance and repairs. Bruni & Campisi has been operating since 1979, and we have excelled at the needs that come with the area’s cold continental climate. Schedule a service call whenever you need assistance with:

Energy Efficiency
Generator Installation
Oil to Gas Conversions

HVAC Maintenance and Repair in Stamford, CT

Smart property owners know the impact of prevention. Plumbing inspections, seasonal HVAC maintenance and periodic energy audits ensure your investments won’t go to waste. Assessing your home’s essential systems also gives you a heads up to potential problems. They allow you to find solutions at your convenience instead of scrambling to minimize the damage once a system fails. We have a variety of maintenance plans that make it easy for you to safeguard your property while you save.

Make sure you stay on top of heating and cooling maintenance and repairs to ensure your systems are working properly throughout the year. The technicians at Bruni & Campisi specialize in furnace and air conditioner repairs, boiler installation and maintenance and other systems — including baseboard and floor heat and ductless heating and cooling systems.

Upgrading your essential home systems is another way to protect your property. We can help you stay ahead of current trends, and preserve the value of your home or business.

Plumbing Services in Stamford

Are you looking to update your home with new a faucet and fixture installation or something larger like a new hot water heater or installation of a water softener or whole house humidifier? These types of maintenance projects and upgrades should be handled by a professional to ensure it’s installed correctly and working efficiently.

By working with the Stamford plumbing professionals at Bruni & Campisi, you’re guaranteed improved comfort and convenience.

Energy Improvements and Green Innovations

If you care about keeping your home energy efficient, then rely on our experts to ensure you’re saving on energy costs. By installing a geothermal heat pump, you can save big on your future energy bills. Geothermal heat pumps are more efficient than a typical gas or oil furnace and produce no air pollution.

Bruni & Campisi go the extra mile when it comes to updates. We have access to the latest EnergyStar products, as well as complete heating and cooling systems known for their low costs. Geothermal, for instance, utilizes underground temperatures to help regulate home comfort. Installations generate savings of up to 40%.

Stamford Generator Installation

Installing a generator suited to your property can make a significant impact as well. When storms knock the power out, you want to make sure you’ll be safe and secure. A generator can be large enough to run all of your usual appliances and equipment, or can be small enough to keep your security system going when you’re the most vulnerable.

If you’re caught in an unexpected storm this winter, keep your essential devices running with a new generator. Our skilled technicians can help you maintain your current generator or help you select and install the right generator for your home’s needs.

With a new generator installation, you can ensure your heating systems, kitchen appliances and other equipment are working when you need them to most.

Simple Oil to Gas Conversions in Stamford

Why are you still using an oil furnace in your home? By converting your current oil system to a gas furnace, you can be more environmentally friendly and also increase your home’s value, decrease your heating costs and have much less system maintenance. Our expert technicians have converted over 125 homes from oil to gas and will ensure an upgrade to your home’s heating system will be fast, efficient and affordable.

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