Boiler Repair Basics – What To Know

Sadly, people do not think much about their appliances until they break down. With certain appliances, a bit of preventative maintenance could go a long way to keep from a break down in the first place. However, there is a big difference between changing air filters in your home or swapping out the water filter in your refrigerator compared to working on your home heating system. Whether it is visual check-up or cleaning, safety should be your major concern when it comes to boiler repair and you should always use a licensed heating contractor.

Knowing your Heating System

Homes can be heated in a variety of ways and it is important to know which is used in yours. The most common types of heating systems use a boiler or a furnace.

A furnace heats air which is then sent through an air duct system to heat the home. Boilers are similar in operation but come in many different forms. Some heat water which is pumped through pipes as the main heating element or use the heated water in place of the burner assembly to heat the air. Others generate steam which is sent to radiators throughout the home.

Before a Service Call

If you are not getting heat to your home, be sure to check for these common problems before you call for boiler repair. Most aspects of boiler control have a manual reset button. After careful visual inspection of your unit for obvious signs of disrepair, this is your best first option if your boiler is not working. Likewise if your boiler/furnace runs on natural gas, there is gas pressure switch reset. A temporary surge in pressure can trigger this safety toggle.

Another problem is a low-water alert. The boiler will shut itself off automatically if it doesn’t have a certain water level. While more water needs to be added, the boiler itself may not be in need of repair.

In all cases, if attempts reset your boiler control does not resolve the issue, it could be an indication of a larger problem and you should have your boiler professionally inspected.

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