What Are the Types of Heating Systems

There are different types of heating systems for homes, offices and commercial settings. Depending on the size and power considerations, heating a home or a basement may be different from a big structure, such as a shopping mall. But no matter the setting, the basic operating system may remain the same. The main types of heating systems are forced air, radiant heat, hydronic, steam radiant, and geothermal.

Five major heating systems:

Forced Air Systems– This is the most common type of home heating system. It distributes air from a furnace through installed ductwork and vents. It is commonly known as the central heating system, as the air comes from a central point where it may be filtered, humidified and dehumidified. The air can be heated with natural gas, propane, oil or electricity.

The required ductwork for the system takes space in the walls. The moving air may also distribute allergens throughout the house, and the filtration system requires regular maintenance to function properly. The furnace fan may also be noisy.

Radiant Heat Systems – This system can provide natural and comfortable heat. Heat is provided via hot water tubes embedded in the floor or within the ceiling. The hot water is heated by a boiler, fueled by oil, natural gas, propane, or electricity. A heating stove powered by coal or wood may also be used.

This system may take time to heat a room, as the water must be heated first and circulated through the pipes. Installing and maintaining this system can be expensive, as it is difficult to access the piping if any problem arises.

Hydronic Systems – The hydronic system uses heated hot water that is circulated in each room via tubes located in baseboard heating units. Temperature in each room can be controlled separately. A hydronic system is energy efficient, and fueled by electricity, oil, or natural gas.

The baseboard should remain unobstructed. Also, in this system the temperature rises slowly.

Steam Radiant System – This system heats the room through radiators. It comes with two varieties: one-pipe and two-pipe. This system heats water through electricity, oil, or natural gas.

This system can be inconvenient when it comes to furniture placement and window covering. Since radiators are used for heating, one might need a different system for cool air conditioning.

Geothermal System– It is the newest technology for heating and cooling, mostly used in homes and eco-conscious office spaces. Internal temperature is regulated through natural heat from the ground.  This system is not cheap to install. It works for both heating and cooling since it uses ground temperature as a regulating means.

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