Should You Purchase and Install a Standby Generator

No one wants to be stuck using an emergency power generator, but it is always best to be prepared. It is very important to understand the power needs of both your generator and your home, and be prepared in case of emergency.


Understand the type of generator you are using, whether it is a whole house automatic system or a standby by generator that runs on diesel or propane. Be familiar with starting procedures for your generator and have plenty of fuel on hand at all times – the best thing to do is prevent your generator from going down in the first place. Your specific power needs will be dictated by the size of our house and your power needs, so it is important to consult a professional before installation of standby generators.


Food in a freezer will stay good for 24 to 48 hours, but make sure to keep the door shut. Pack refrigerated items in coolers with ice. Throw away anything that that gets above 40 degrees in temperature.


When the power goes out in winter, pipes can freeze. Even during warmer weather, water purification systems may not work. Safe water includes bottled, boiled, or treated H20. Do not use contaminated water for washing dishes or your hands.


In hot weather, make sure to stay cool and keep to the shade. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid enclosed and very hot areas of the home. In winter make sure to stay bundled in layers. Emergency pocket heat packs can also help keep you warm without power for the short term. Additionally, never use a generator indoors, as carbon monoxide may build up to dangerous levels in your home.

Power Return

The power may be out for now, but it will eventually return either by standbys generators or the main system coming back on. When power does return, broken lines and pooled water can create dangerous electric shock hazards. Unplug any effected appliances ahead of time. Be aware of downed power lines if going out of doors.

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