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Baseboard heating installation and repair

If your baseboard heater breaks down in the middle of chilly fall and winter months, you don't want to wait until your repairman "gets around to it." You want expedient service that restores your home to the correct temperature from top to bottom.

The expert technicians at Bruni & Campisi know you would prefer quick assistance, which is why we encourage you to employ our 24/7 emergency services for any urgent heating matters. Our knowledge and state-of-the-art technical innovations will melt your worries away as soon as we arrive.

  • All Technicians Are Certified, Licensed & Insured
  • Flexible Scheduling, Weekend Service, 24/7 Emergency Service
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Types of Baseboard Heaters

When you hire Bruni & Campisi to repair your baseboard heater, you can feel secure knowing our technicians are trained to assist you with emergency heating situations. We have the knowledge to help you with any kind of baseboard heater you have installed in your home. There are two basic kinds of baseboard heaters — electric and hydronic.


When we repair electric baseboard heaters, we usually assess every room's heater unit and make sure they're as strong and efficient as possible. Because electric heaters often control much of the airflow through the house, they are generally quite efficient at distributing heat equally through every room.


As the name suggests, hydronic baseboard heaters use hot water. Usually, this means running heated water through pipes in the flooring from heater to heater. Although installing and regulating this system throughout a house can be challenging, hydronic heaters are more energy-efficient than other central heating systems.

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Bruni & Campisi are experts in baseboard heating service with over 40 years of experience in HVAC services and repairs in New York and Connecticut. If your home becomes uncomfortable due to a faulty baseboard heater, we offer 24/7 emergency services to be there when you need us most. You can rest assured that we'll handle your baseboard heating repair or replacement to ensure your home maintains a comfortable temperature.

In addition to repairing your damaged baseboard heaters, we also provide annual maintenance plans to prevent you from having to deal with issues again. With regular maintenance, we're able to correct problems before they become major concerns.

Whether you live in PutnamRockland or Westchester County in New York, or Greenwich or Stamford in Connecticut, Bruni & Campisi can provide baseboard heater repair services for you. Give us a call at 914-229-2809 (New York) or 203-263-9662 (Connecticut) to learn more, or schedule an appointment with us today.

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