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From warming your house in the winter to drawing a relaxing bath, hot water is important, making a boiler an essential fixture in your home. Whether you need installation or repair, you've come to the right place. Bruni & Campisi offers a wide selection of boilers and services to assist you with more efficient heat for your home.

How a Boiler Works

A drop in inside temperature will signal your boiler system to turn on. Once running, the boiler will use gas, oil or water to create heat for the water within the system. The heated water is sent throughout your home via radiators or baseboard heating systems. As the water cools, it is brought back to the boiler to be reheated and recirculated.

Types of Gas Boilers

Choose your new boiler based on several factors, including function, pressure and temperature, fuel type, heating method and size. The three main types are:

  • Heat-only boiler: These are the most traditional types of boilers, using a two-tank system — one tank for cold water, the other for maintaining the average temperature for central heating. Traditional boilers can work with any water pressure from the mainline and is also compatible with older heating systems.
  • System boiler: These boilers accomplish the same task as the heat-only boiler but more efficiently. Instead of using two tanks, this boiler only has one. System boilers are easier to install because the hot water heating system is built into the unit itself.
  • Combination boiler: This type combines central heating and high-efficiency water heaters, needing no tank to store the water. Instead, small combination boilers heat the water directly from the mainline.

Advantages of a Boiler Replacement

While most homes have a boiler, investing in a new one or keeping yours well-maintained has many benefits.

High Efficiency

A high-efficiency boiler heats your house and saves energy. Using water as a thermal conductor is effective because the water gets hot quickly and retains heat longer.

Even Home Heating

A boiler's water heating properties allow for equal heat distribution throughout your house. Other heating systems can cause hot air to rise, dropping the temperature and using more energy to heat your home. Gas boilers keep the air low, so you can enjoy radiant floor heating.

Better Air Quality

The heat from a boiler isn't dry, preventing health issues like bloody noses, dry eyes, sore throats and more. It also will not blow around dust and other allergens around your home, providing healthier air.

Contact Bruni & Campisi for Boiler Installation and Replacement

The typical life span for a boiler is around 15 years. However, this longevity can vary depending on the boiler's use and your home's environment.  If you notice your boiler running inefficiently, it might need to be maintained or replaced. The experts at Bruni & Campisi can help.

Your comfort is our top priority. On top of installation and replacement services, we offer regular maintenance and inspections. For more information on what we can do for you, set up an appointment by contacting us online.


*Based on financing $4,300. This payment is based on a 10.99% APR. Subject to credit approval and applies to qualified systems only. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Call for additional details.

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