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The right heating system keeps your home comfortable when colder weather rolls around. Finding the right heating system can save money, time and overall hassle.

Bruni & Campisi can help you find the best baseboard heater to warm your home.

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How Baseboard Heating Systems Work

Baseboard heating systems are different than forced-air systems because they do not blow hot air. Other heaters can stir up dust, pet hair and other allergens around your home. Instead, baseboard heaters eliminate the air ducts and spread heat naturally through the space.

These heaters are usually installed under windows or around perimeter walls. This placement is strategic because the heat counteracts any cold air in the draftiest areas of the house.

Baseboard Heating Options

These baseboard heating systems work in different ways based on their heat sources.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Every electric baseboard is individually controlled, so you can adjust the temperature within rooms. This system functions through heated coils throughout the unit, similar to a toaster. A thermostat on the wall runs the system — as the temperature is turned up, the heater draws cooler air into the bottom of the heater and disperses it as heat.

These can add heat to areas where an HVAC system cannot reach, such as a basement.

Hydronic Baseboard Heaters

Instead of using coils, hydronic baseboard heaters use water to heat a room while connected to the boiler. The water is warmed in the boiler and sent through tubing in the baseboards for each room. Heated water circulates through the house and returns to the boiler once cooled.

Benefits of Baseboard Heaters

There are a few incentives to choosing baseboard heaters over conventional heaters. Baseboard heaters are:

  • Versatile: Temperature is a common topic of argument in many households. With baseboard heaters, it can be 80 degrees Fahrenheit in one room and 65 in another, keeping everyone comfortable.
  • Space savers: The baseboard heater's ability to tuck up against a wall frees up space in a room to put furniture and other belongings.
  • Quiet: There is no loud whoosh sound when baseboard heaters turn on, and you probably won't notice when they turn off, either.
  • Helpful backups: Even if they are not your primary heat source, baseboard heating options make great backup solutions, especially for cold winters where your main heat source can't keep up.
  • Easy to install: No ductwork is involved in baseboard heating installation — just an attachment to electrical lines — so technicians can be in and out in no time.

Baseboard Heating System Upkeep

Your baseboard heater can last longer if you.

  1. Choose the right size: Baseboard heaters come in various sizes and powers. An expert can offer a professional opinion on the most effective heater for your space.
  2. Exercise regular cleaning habits: Dust, hair, dirt or spider webs can collect in a baseboard heater and reduce efficiency. Be sure to clean it before colder weather comes around.
  3. Clear the area in front of the heater: Pushing furniture up to the baseboard heater can prevent the heat from escaping. Ensure you provide enough space for heat to disperse.

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