Water Heaters and Services in New York and Connecticut

When you're due for a new water heater in New York or Connecticut, make the right choice for products and services with Bruni & Campisi. We give you the peace of mind your installation is done right within Westchester, Fairfield, Putnam and Rockland counties.

Water Heater Installation Services

Rely on our professionals for water heater installations. Ensuring your equipment is set up properly is beneficial for prolonging the life of your technology and making sure you have warm water when you need it.

We make ourselves available at times convenient for you to replace your residential water heater. Count on us to integrate the most efficient water heater units manufactured by AeroTherm® for your space in New York or Connecticut. Tell us more about your hot water usage, and we will provide recommendations that make sense for you.

Water Heater Repairs in New York and Connecticut

Life stops when your residential water heater goes down. You can trust Bruni & Campisi to get to the bottom of your water heater issue. It's our mission to save you from repeat repairs — meaning we take a long-lasting approach to keep your hot water heater running for as long as possible.

There's little we haven't seen with water heater repairs. We'll complete a thorough inspection of your setup before jumping to conclusions. Only when it makes sense to replace your water heater will we suggest this service over a repair job.

Tankless Water Heater Services for Convenience

Technicians at Bruni & Campisi have years of experience working with tankless or demand-type water heaters. These are devices that heat up water instantly as it is used rather than keeping water stored.

You might prefer a tankless water heater in New York or Connecticut for its efficiency and ability to reduce utility costs — you often spend less on electricity, as energy is only used to heat water when you activate a faucet or appliance calling for it.

We're tankless water heater installers who take the time to verify all cold and hot water connections are routed properly. Have us remove your existing system and replace it with a tankless water heater so you have warm water exactly when you need it.

Benefits of Having a Water Heater in New York and Connecticut

Whether you live in parts of New York or Connecticut, the benefits of an efficient water heater include:

  • Consistent hot water: Our professionals suggest hot water heaters that keep up with your demands. Get a continuous hot water supply without waiting for tanks to reheat between showers.
  • Impressive life span: Most water heaters from reputable brands like AeroTherm® last anywhere from 5 to 10 years with routine maintenance. Save money on plumbing fixtures that last.
  • Flexible installation process: Tankless water heaters available through Bruni & Campisi can be placed almost anywhere in the home. Save space with modern technology.
  • Cost savings: The water heater solutions we use are energy-efficient. Stop wasting money on water heaters that are always consuming power. Our systems use electricity only when the water is running.

Choose Bruni & Campisi for Hot Water Heater Services

Bruni & Campisi specializes in HVAC, plumbing, generators and insulation solutions. We work to act quickly during visits to minimize disruption to your routine. No matter if you need us for 24/7 emergency support in New York or Connecticut or for something minor, we're here for you.

We're dedicated to your satisfaction and have been serving the local community since 1979. You can make an appointment with our team online or request more information by submitting a contact form!

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