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Backed up drains are not always caused by chicken bones, hair, or baby wipes. Sometimes your slow draining or water backup is due to a tree root that has grown through the pipe or older pipes that have developed cracks and holes.

Once we have determined the cause – we can enact the solution whether that be high intensity water flushing, using a roto-tool, or in extreme cases recommending a replacement for damaged pipe sections.

At the very least our drain cleaning offers you convenience and sound peace of mind in knowing that dirty water will go away when you flush the toilet, use the shower, do a load of laundry, etc. If we already lose 100 hairs a day, there’s no reason to increase that amount with worrying about plumbing concerns!

Call us today at 914-229-2809 (NY) or 203-263-9662 (CT) or schedule your drain cleaning services!

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