Roxul Firesafe Insulation

Perfect for music lovers (or noise haters), Roxul is the preferred option for insulation to add soundproofing to your home adds an ocean of tranquility and control to any environment. Many recording artists or sound engineers turn to Roxul as their go-to choice. The difference between Roxul and other insulations centers on its material: stone wool.

The Roxul Company claims that the original idea came from volcanoes. The first manufacturers of stone wool observed the way that lava became spun and twisted by gusts of wind. What if this cotton candy lava were poured into molds? The result became the incredibly sound resistant product known as stone wool, which Roxul manufactures.

Roxul recreates the furnace of a volcano to forge their insulation. Using incredibly high temperature ovens, they melt basalt rock and slag. Many industrial projects produce these rocks as a byproduct. Utilizing the spirit of recycling, these rocks get smelted into a liquid. Then, Roxul whips up the molten rock into a moldable material. They stack and compress layers of this stone wool into their sound eliminating final product.

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Fire Resistance is another important feature for those considering Roxul Fire Insulation. These products can withstand temperatures of up to 2150°F without melting, smoking or propagating flames. Check out this video demonstration and see for yourself!

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