Indoor Air Quality Systems


An air filtration system provides two benefits:

  • Cleaner indoor air: The air inside your home can contain more pollutants than outdoor air, leading to breathing difficulty, allergy attacks and other health problems. With a filtration system, you can enjoy fresher, healthier air.
  • Investment protection: Dirt is one of the leading causes of heating and cooling system failure. A filtration system can help keep your HVAC cleaner, prolonging its use and saving you money.


Ensuring proper humidity levels is vital to reducing bacteria, dust mites and mold in your home. Levels below 35% and above 50% can fuel the growth of harmful pollutants and allergens. A humidifier can help maintain an ideal humidity level to promote safer, cleaner air in your indoor space.

A whole-home humidifier installation can also improve your comfort indoors. Adequate humidity levels can alleviate dry skin, bloody noses and static electricity.


Some air purifiers can eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria, mold and viruses they come in contact with by sterilizing particles with ultraviolet light. These systems fight against bacteria, viruses, mold spores and smoke to help create healthier, cleaner air within your home.


A home ventilation system brings fresh air inside while keeping pollutants and allergens out. It can also protect against moisture buildup and assist in temperature regulation by preventing excess heat or cold from entering your space. A ventilation system can help alleviate allergy symptoms, prevent germs from spreading and keep your home comfortable and safe.

Learn More About Our Indoor Air Quality Services

A professional air quality system installation from Bruni and Campisi can reduce irritants within your home, helping you enjoy cleaner, healthier air throughout the year.

In addition to air quality system installation, we provide HVAC maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance and a better quality of life for those in your home. Keeping air ducts, filters and other HVAC parts in good condition is essential to reducing irritants and promoting safer air indoors.

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