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We all know how incapacitating a power outage can be, and we get our fair share of them in Westchester County and the surrounding area. Not only are outages inconvenient when we lose use of appliances, computers, televisions and such, but outages can be dangerous too. Loss of heat or medical equipment can be life threatening. Be prepared next time the electricity goes out by investing in a whole home emergency standby generator.

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Kohler Generator

Natural Gas Standby Generators are fueled through utility lines in your home. If your power ever goes out, the unit automatically turns on and begins running essentials, like the refrigerator and HVAC system. This is much safer and more reliable than a portable emergency unit, and the convenience is unmatched. If you’re considering emergency generator installation, natural gas home generators are one of your best options.

Benefits of Whole House Standby Generators

You’ll find the majority of portable units are unacceptable inside a home. Proper ventilation is essential to running a home emergency generator fueled by diesel or gasoline. You wouldn’t be able to use a portable unit as a whole house standby generator, as it’s impossible to safely wire them into your electrical panel. You’d be limited to smaller appliances you could plug in individually, which doesn’t account for many household essentials.

During a storm or other blackout, your gas-fed generator could become a hazard. Instead, consider whole house generator installation. These units can handle the demands of a household, when sized appropriately.

If your power went out right now, what would you want to keep running? Different budgets allow for a greater power load, but in general, you want to keep your HVAC, your refrigerator and freezer, and your security system running.

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We’re authorized generator dealers, meaning we’re one of the few services in the area capable of performing repairs covered by warranties. Beyond that? We have the experience to detect your problem quickly and fix it in record time.

Our business has been booming in the Westchester County, NY and Greenwich & Stamford, CT areas for nearly 40 years. That’s not a coincidence. We go the extra mile in providing homeowners with quick and simple solutions to their HVAC problems. Contact us whenever your whole house standby generator is up for its yearly inspection, or when repairs are needed.

Quick Facts:

  • Whole home emergency standby generators are designed for longer use or areas with frequent power outages.  They are wired into your home’s electrical circuit and programmed to turn on automatically in the event of a power outage.They’re responsible for whole house power generation whenever public utilities go down.
  • Attempting a DIY generator installation can be dangerous to you and professionals working on power lines. Portable systems should never be rigged to your home’s electrical system.Instead, work with professionals to install standby generators meant to power the whole house.
  • Automatic Standby generators are hooked up to your gas piping or propane tanks.  Diesel generators are also available but are primarily used in commercial applications.  This means you don’t have to refill the generator with gasoline (an inconvenience some experienced during Super Storm Sandy.)
  • Whole house Standby generators are wired directly into your electrical panel. A changeover switch is installed that starts your generator automatically when the power source goes down providing a continuous power supply.  They can also be installed to power your whole home or specific zones.  Want power to the refrigerator but not the ceiling fans? No problem.
  • With an emergency whole home generator for structures of every size, you can choose a model that is tailored specifically to meet your energy usage needs. What you plan to run during a storm makes a difference, and location can count. For those further outside of town, deep freezers may be a big priority, while those in urban locations may want their security systems to remain a priority. Speak with one of our specialists about the right unit for generator installation in White Plains, NY or anywhere in our service area.
  • Natural gas or propane fueled emergency whole home generators produce perfect or modified sine waves making them 100% safe for even the most sensitive electronic devices.
  • Once installed by professionals, standby generators are typically safer than their gasoline-powered counterparts.  The risk of misuse from improper ventilation or incorrect power supply is essentially eliminated, providing peace of  mind in an otherwise stressful situation.

As weather conditions become ever more extreme and unpredictable, having an emergency power source should be a goal of every homeowner.  Look into generator installation in Westchester County, NY or anywhere in our service territory today and prepare for this year’s storm season.

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