NYSERDA Home Energy Audits

The first step toward improving energy efficiency in the future is determining the current condition of your home. A home energy audit will assess how much energy your house consumes, how much of that is wasted through various sources of loss, and tell you how to rectify inefficiencies saving you up to 40% a year on your utility bill. Currently, NYSERDA is offering a FREE or REDUCED COST incentive for NY homeowners to perform an Energy Audit. *For those outside of NY, energy audits are still available for just a few hundred dollars. Call Bruni & Campisi and find out how our energy conservation services can start saving you money. Not only will you see your utility bills go down, many home energy efficiency upgrades are tax deductible or worth other tax credits. In addition, by having environmentally-friendly energy management service upgrades installed, you are reducing your carbon footprint and helping combat energy waste, saving up to 40% off your utility bill.

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