Emergency Standby Generator Maintenance

Annual Generator Maintenance Check-Up

  • Replace engine oil and oil filter
  • Check radiator/cooling system (if exists) and anti-freeze; Add or Replace anti-freeze if necessary* (Ethylene Glycol only; other types of ant-freeze will be invoiced as extra cost)
  • Check fuel sediment bowl (if exists): clean as required; replace fuel filter
  • Replace spark plug
  • Check air cleaner and crankcase breather; replace if necessary
  • Check warning lights and error codes, if any
  • Check fuel or gas lines/piping at the generator for possible leaks
  • Check starter operation
  • Check distributor, ignition points
  • Check fan, motors and belts; change belts if necessary
  • Check engine heater and thermostat, if exists
  • Check and clean battery; check battery acid levels
  • Check battery charging
  • Check external wires for condition and wear
  • Check all instruments and gauges
  • Check for proper engine exercise start-up and operation
  • Exercise generator
  • Check Automatic Transfer Switch; clean if necessary
  • Test for proper automatic start-up and operation; real-world actual loss of power test
    (owner authorization required at time of scheduled maintenance)

*Any parts, repairs or additional service are not included and will be invoiced separately. Any glycol other than Ethylene Glycol will be additional cost. Inquire for full details.

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