Tips for HVAC Maintenance

Taking a little bit of time to be conscientious about maintaining one’s equipment can help prevent bigger problems in the future. This idea is particularly worth considering with regards to HVAC preventative maintenance. In a complex system with multiple parts that are liable to fail, learning how to keep your HVAC from breaking is a smart way for you to avoid large repair bills and ensure consistent comfort for your family, staff and clients.

Let’s take a look at a few simple things you can do to keep your HVAC system running well.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance: What Can You Do?

The first thing you can do to make sure your HVAC system is operating properly is to designate a setting on your thermostat so your air conditioner or heater is not working constantly. This puts less strain on your unit and may save you quite a bit of money on your electricity bill.

The next step you can take to engage in preventative maintenance is to check the age of your HVAC components. At the 10-year mark, air conditioning units and compressors are more likely to fail than their younger counterparts, so if your system is at or nearing a decade of service, it’s time to think about an upgrade.

The next thing you can do is pay close attention to any unusual sounds or odors your HVAC system emits. HVAC noises in particular can be an interesting study unto themselves and point to a number of different issues ranging from a failing compressor to a loose part. In these instances, it’s best to call a skilled HVAC technician rather than attempt to repair a part by yourself, as this can lead to further complications.

Finally, we recommend establishing a relationship with a trustworthy HVAC technician who will make regular visits to your home or business facility to check in on your unit. This person can develop a working record of all of your HVAC system’s components and can work with you to let you know when routine maintenance or repair is needed. In the event of an emergency, this person may be able to diagnose and attend to the problem quickly, causing minimal interruption to your cooling or heating needs.

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