20 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

It’s easy to consume more electricity in the summer months. That’s not great for your wallet or for the planet. Here are some ways to save energy by optimizing your air conditioning usage and tweaking some other habits.

How to reduce your electric bill with efficient AC energy usage

Here are 10 ways to save energy and reduce electricity consumption by making your AC more efficient and effective: 

  1. Get your air conditioner serviced. Periodic AC maintenance (ideally in the spring) keeps your system working as efficiently as possible, so it uses less electricity. BONUS: Maintenance can also prevent breakdowns and expensive emergency repairs. 
  2. Get your air ducts cleaned and sealed. HVAC ducts that are clogged with dust (or worse, have cracks and holes) make your air conditioner less effective. With insufficient cooling, you’ll be tempted to keep turning down the temperature, which wastes energy. Instead, get air duct cleaning services to remove the dust and debris, and possibly repairs and sealing if needed.
  3. Get programmable thermostats. Old-style manual thermostats waste a lot of electricity because you have to remember to keep adjusting them whenever you’re not home. Upgrading to digital programmable thermostats is one of the easiest ways to save energy. Not only can you “set it and forget it” by creating a weekly schedule, but you can make adjustments with a smartphone app, so it’s simple to optimize your AC usage.
  4. Turn up your AC by a few degrees. Setting your thermostat at 68 instead of 65 probably won’t make a big difference in your comfort level. But it can save quite a bit of energy over the course of the summer. 
  5. Use ceiling fans. Adjusting your thermostat will be even less noticeable if you also use your ceiling fans to increase cooling. Fans use much less electricity than your air conditioner, but the gentle breeze can help sweat to evaporate and make you feel much cooler. 
  6. Avoid placing heat sources near thermostats. Lamps, electronics, candles, and other sources of heat should be moved away from the thermostats that control your air conditioning. That extra heat makes the AC run more often and use more electricity.
  7. Install energy-efficient air conditioning equipment. If your AC is more than 10 years old, it’s using far too much electricity. Newer AC technology is much more efficient, and you’ll avoid the breakdowns and expensive repairs that happen with older systems. Concerned about the upfront cost of installing new AC? Keep in mind that your energy bills will go down quite a bit, and the new unit will pay for itself over time.
  8. Set up custom cooling zones. This is one of the smartest ways to save energy with efficient AC usage, because you don’t waste AC in areas that aren’t occupied. You also get the benefit of enhanced comfort because zones let you have the precise temperature you want in each area of your home. For example, make it cooler in the kitchen and your home gym, but warmer in the baby’s room. 
  9. Clear debris from around your outdoor unit. Your outdoor unit expels excess heat outdoors, and it needs sufficient air flow around the equipment to do so. If the unit is buried in a pile of leaves or surrounded by bushes, it can’t remove heat efficiently. So be sure to create enough space around your outdoor air conditioner.
  10. Change AC filters regularly. Air flow is critically important for your air conditioner’s operation. When its air filters get clogged, that can force the unit to work harder, run longer, and use more electricity. Your technician will change filters as part of yearly maintenance. But it’s smart to keep one on hand in case it needs replacing between service visits. 

More ways to save energy this summer

There are many ways to reduce your electric bill by making your home more energy efficient and adjusting your habits. Here are 10 more ideas:

  1. Get an energy audit. This free service helps you identify small & large home improvements that reduce your energy consumption. 
  2. Add insulation. Unless your home is brand new, chances are you can save energy by reducing the loss of heated and cooled air. There are lots of options today for adding home insulation.
  3. Close the drapes. When the sun is blasting heat on a scorching day, keep your drapes or blinds closed to keep your home cooler and use less AC. 
  4. Get UV window filters. Better yet, add UV filters to your windows to reduce added heat from the sun all summer long. 
  5. Take shorter & cooler showers. Your hot water heater uses more energy than you may realize. Turn down the heat in your shower just a touch (which is also better for your skin), and create a more efficient routine to get done quicker. 
  6. Use your bathroom vent fan. Venting heat from the shower also reduces the need for AC. Keep the vent fan on for long enough for any steam to clear.
  7. Use power strips & turn off electronics. You probably know that you should turn off and unplug electronics when not in use, since they continue to draw power. But that can be inconvenient. Make it simple by plugging multiple items into power strips, so you can turn them all off with one switch.
  8. Do laundry and run the dishwasher at night. Use heat-producing appliances at night when it’s cooler to avoid strain on the electrical grid.
  9. Turn off your pool and hot tub heaters. These use A LOT of electricity, so keep them on only when absolutely necessary.
  10. Avoid using the stove on the hottest days. Too hot to cook? Going out or getting takeout also uses less energy!

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