Having Hot Water Issues – What to Do

This winter has been a rough one, with record low temperatures and several cold snaps hitting all across the country. This means that one of the last things you want to deal with is boiler repair.

Hot water is not something you want to be without during this winter, which means you should have your boiler checked on by professional heating contractors such as Bruni & Campisi. If you find that your hot water has stopped running, then there are several things that could be wrong. The following are a few reasons why you may not have hot water.

Issues with the thermostat

If you find that you have some hot water but aren’t receiving enough, there’s a good chance you just need might need to make boiler repairs yourself. Adjust the temperature on the thermostat for your water heater. If the temperature is around 130 degrees and you are still not getting enough hot water, then the thermostat may need to be repaired or replaced.

The pilot light is off

The pilot light for your water heater may have turned off. This light can be difficult to find, and must be relit if it is indeed off. While you can try relighting it yourself by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, it’s a better idea to have a contractor check for you.

There’s a leak in your gas line

If your boiler operates using gas, then it may be a problem with your gas line. You should be able to tell by inspecting the area around your boiler for a distinct smell (it usually smells like rotten eggs if there is a leak). A potential gas leak can be incredibly dangerous, so you should contact a professional immediately for boiler repairs.

There’s a buildup of sediment

The more you use your water heater, the more water contaminants can build up over time. These can harden at the bottom of the water heater, which in turn reduces the ability for hot water to be produced properly. There are a few ways to prevent this. This includes using a water softening agent, having the water heater cleaned on a regular basis and lowering your water heater to 130 degrees.

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