Central Air Running But Not Blowing Air

As with other members of the mechanical family, air conditioners are subject to wear, tear and breakdown. If your air conditioner is making a loud buzzing noise or is your ac turning on but not blowing air? You likely have a few questions you’ll want to be answered. As we progress through the remaining weeks of summer, you’ll want to have a functional cooling system to keep your family, pets, guests, staff and clients cool and comfortable.

We here at Bruni & Campisi have seen a lot of different kinds of air conditioner failure in our 38 years in business, and we’d like to talk about a few common causes of air conditioner failure you can look for in your cooling system.

Common AC Problems

If your air conditioner is running but not blowing air and is making weird noises, there’s a chance you may have received the first clue as to what’s gone wrong with your system. A loud buzzing noise can result from a compressor that is not working properly or has damaged seating components, leaky refrigerant or a loose part. A rattle can be a sign that your unit may have become clogged with a foreign object like a leaf or stick.

If instead a clanking noise is what you hear, loose parts are a likely culprit. A banging noise can point to this, but is likely related to a damaged component within your compressor. Squealing, everyone’s favorite annoying noise, can indicate a bad blower motor, though you’ll want to ensure this is an unusual occurrence specific to your unit.

Screaming —  what we at Bruni & Campisi like to call “extreme squealing” — is something to be very concerned about, as this can point to serious issues like a refrigerant leak or exceptionally high pressure in the compressor.

You may wonder why your AC is humming but no air is blowing from the vents in your house. If the AC unit is running, but there is no air through the vents, you are likely dealing with a fan capacitor that has reached the end of its life. Fan capacitors help get your HVAC system’s outdoor and indoor fan motors blowing and your compressor running.

Additionally, if you notice your AC emitting strange, foul odors, it’s time to call a professional to help you figure out what’s going on.

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