Heating Installation in Stamford, Connecticut

Having a heating system that doesn't provide enough warmth can make for a long winter. Make sure your home stays toasty this year by getting a new home heating system installed.

For more than 40 years, residents of Stamford have trusted Bruni & Campisi with their heating installation. No matter what type of system you have or want, our experienced technicians can handle it.

Heating Installation Services

Our team can install any heating system, including the four most popular ones among Stamford homeowners.

Boiler Installation

Modern boiler systems are quieter and more energy-efficient than their older counterparts, and they distribute heat throughout the house uniformly. We can replace your old boiler with one that looks and works better without the noise.

Furnace Installation

Forced-air furnaces are one of the most energy-efficient heating sources, which means they can help lower your energy bills. They can also improve the indoor air quality in your home. Before we begin the furnace installation, we can inspect and adjust the ductwork in your home to get it ready for the new furnace.

Baseboard Heating Installation

Do you have zones or rooms in your home that the boiler or furnace heat never seems to reach? Baseboard heating may offer a smart alternative. Baseboards heat small spaces efficiently, and unlike some boilers or furnaces, they make almost no noise. They can last for decades, and the heat they produce is surprisingly cost-effective.

Steam and Radiator Installation

Modern radiator heat is very different from the elaborate cast-iron systems that cluttered older homes. Today's steam and radiator heat systems are reasonably sized and efficient, and they produce heat uniformly. You'll appreciate the temperature control offered by steam and radiator heat, too.

Heat Pump Installation

According to the Department of Energy, air-source heat pumps use 6200 kWh less energy than oil systems for savings of about $948 annually. They also use 3000 kWh less than electric resistance heaters, so you can save $459 if you switch. These systems can stand up against Connecticut winters and help elevate the comfort of your home.

Geothermal Heating Installation

With quiet operation and energy efficiency, you can't go wrong with using a geothermal heating system to heat your Stamford home this winter. You can gain consistent comfort while heating your home in a cost-effective manner with this system. Geothermal systems pull "free" energy from the earth to keep your energy bills low and your home warm.

Sign up for a Heating Maintenance Plan

When you get a new heating system installed, you also need to plan for upkeep. Preventive maintenance can keep your heating system running effectively for a longer time. Removing dirt and debris from the furnace, boiler, baseboards or radiator will preserve the system and help it function optimally. You can extend the life of your appliance and reduce the chance of needing repairs by choosing one of our maintenance plans.

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*Based on financing $4,300. This payment based on 10.99% APR. Subject to credit approval and applies to qualified systems only. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Call for additional details.

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