Gas Leak in Your Home

Suspect a Gas Leak in Your Home? Here’s What to Do

A gas leak in a home can cause fire and explosions, so don’t take any chances. If there is a strong odor of gas, don’t delay. Open the doors and windows, evacuate everyone from the house and call 911 or your utility company right away (that’s Con Edison in Westchester at 800-752-6633, NYSEG in Putnam at 800-572-1121, or SCG in Fairfield at 800-513-8898.)

If there is a faint odor that you’re worried may be gas, or you’re concerned about a minor natural gas leak for another reason, keep reading to learn the signs and what to do next.


A Complete Guide on Switching From Oil to Gas

Oil to Gas Conversion Now Available in Westchester

There’s good news for Westchester homeowners considering converting to gas heat from oil. For several years, there was a moratorium on conversions due to a restricted gas supply pipeline into the area. But now that problem has been resolved, and you can finally get started on your oil to gas conversion. 

Homeowners prefer natural gas over oil heat because it’s cleaner, less expensive, and better for the environment. 

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits, and then we’ll explain the process of converting from oil to gas heat. 


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