Suspect a Gas Leak in Your Home? Here’s What to Do

A gas leak in a home can cause fire and explosions, so don’t take any chances. If there is a strong odor of gas, don’t delay. Open the doors and windows, evacuate everyone from the house and call 911 or your utility company right away (that’s Con Edison in Westchester at 800-752-6633, NYSEG in Putnam at 800-572-1121, or SCG in Fairfield at 800-513-8898.)

If there is a faint odor that you’re worried may be gas, or you’re concerned about a minor natural gas leak for another reason, keep reading to learn the signs and what to do next.

Symptoms of a gas leak in your home

If you notice any of these signs, evacuate and call for help immediately!

Gas odor (like sulfur or rotten eggs).  This is the most common and obvious sign of a gas leak in your home. But natural gas is actually odorless and utility companies add a chemical that causes the odor so people can tell when a leak is present. If you have a small leak, you may not actually smell anything. 

Hiss or whistle sound near a gas line. Many smaller gas leaks won’t cause any sound. But if you hear it, chances are you have a significant leak. 

A dusty white cloud in the air or bubbles in water. Again, this is a sign of a serious problem and you won’t see this with a minor gas leak.

Physical symptoms 

If a minor gas leak goes undetected for some time and gradually gets worse, you may realize the following physical symptoms are connected to exposure to gas. If symptoms are severe, go to the ED or call an ambulance.

  • headaches and dizziness
  • nausea
  • fatigue & drowsiness
  • eye irritation
  • skin blisters
  • breathing difficulties
  • chest pain
  • nosebleed

What to do (and NOT do) if you suspect a natural gas leak:

  1. Open windows & doors to ventilate the area.
  2. Check stove burners (and turn off if you find them on but not lit).
  3. Extinguish any open flame such as candles.
  4. DO NOT touch electrical appliances, light switches, or turn on anything that may cause a spark or fire.
  5. DO NOT attempt to turn off the gas in your home. Only your gas company is allowed to turn the gas meter on and off.
  6. Evacuate the house, including pets. 
  7. CALL TO REPORT THE LEAK: 911, your local fire department, or your gas company.

In Westchester, call Con Edison at 800-752-6633

In Putnam, call NYSEG at 800-572-1121

In Fairfield CT, call SCG at 800-513-8898

What happens after you report a gas leak in your house?

An inspector from your gas utility company will use an electronic device to detect the source of gas leak. After turning off the gas at the source, they may also conduct integrity pressure testing to determine where the leak is coming from: before or after the gas meter.

  • If the leak is occurring in a pipe outside the home, the gas utility is responsible for making the repair. 
  • If the gas leak is inside your home, then you will need to contact a plumbing contractor (like Bruni and Campisi) to inspect your pipes and appliances and make the necessary repairs. 

Here’s what your plumbing contractor will do to fix your gas leak and get your gas turned back on: 

  • Conduct a pressure test and inspect all pipes, valves and appliance controls to find the source of the gas leak in your home
  • File for permits with your town or municipality
  • File paperwork with the gas company
  • Repair leaks and/or replace pipes, depending on the problem
  • Participate in the inspection process for both your town and gas company

Once the repairs are completed and approved by inspectors, your gas company will return to turn your gas meter back on. 

What you can do to prevent a gas leak:

  • Get your gas boiler or furnace serviced every year to make sure there are no problems that could cause a gas leak.
  • Have gas lines, chimneys, vents, and gas appliances inspected every year. Especially if you’re concerned about a minor leak, contact Bruni & Campisi to do a visual inspection and a “soap test” that can reveal even tiny holes in a gas pipe.

Call Bruni & Campisi to repair a gas leak in your home

This process can take a week or longer. So get it started as quickly as possible by calling Bruni and Campisi. We offer 24/7 service so we’ll get to you ASAP. Plus, you can trust our plumbing and gas experts to make quality repairs. And we make things easy for you by taking care of all the paperwork.  

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