HVAC Systems for Eco-Friendly People

Here at Bruni & Campisi, we think it’s great when folks take an interest in adopting a more eco-conscious lifestyle. That’s why we’re more than happy to promote green HVAC options for your home or business facility. Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems serve a dual purpose — they can simultaneously preserve precious natural resources while helping you save money on your utility bills.

Let’s take a look at some environmentally friendly HVAC system arrangements to learn about how you can promote more energy-efficient practices in your building.

Eco-Friendly Heating and Cooling Units

One way to begin to engage in eco-friendly heating and cooling practices in your home or business facility is to procure and install a green heating and air conditioning unit. Look for air conditioners with an EnergyStar rating and a high SEER — Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio — mark. SEER is calculated by dividing BTU — British Thermal Units, which measures a machine’s ability to remove hot air from a space — by wattage, or how much power your air conditioner needs to perform this action.

It isn’t necessary to purchase a machine with the highest SEER available. Simply find an air conditioner with a higher SEER than the unit you have been using, and you’ll realize quite a bit of cost savings over the course of a year.

Other Heating and Cooling Tips

There are a few other ways you can keep your system running efficiently that don’t involve making huge investments of time, money or energy. First, you should check your HVAC system’s filters every few months to ensure they’re clean and not restricting air flow. A clogged air filter can cause your HVAC system to work harder, requiring more power to navigate air through it.

The next thing you can do is to have your duct work inspected for any gaps or air leaks. Like a clogged air filter, a leaky HVAC system will need to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature, driving up your utility bills and possibly reducing the life of your HVAC system’s components.

Finally, you can inspect your building’s windows and doors to look for spots that air might escape from. If it isn’t financially feasible to replace your outdated doors and windows, you can use weather stripping and caulk to plug up areas where air might be getting out.

Bruni & Campisi: Your HVAC Energy Efficiency Experts

If you’re looking to upgrade your Westchester, NY, Stamford, CT or Greenwich, CT-area home or business with eco-friendly equipment, contact us here at Bruni & Campisi today for a free estimate. Our friendly, knowledgeable team has provided expert craftsmanship and outstanding customer care to the area for nearly 40 years.

We offer a wide range of plumbing, HVAC installation, HVAC repair and HVAC replacement services for you to choose from. We will be happy to work with you to determine a cooling and heating system solution that is both eco-friendly and cost effective. Trust the team of professionals at Bruni & Campisi to get the job done for your home or business.

Tips for Handling a Heating or Cooling Emergency

Have you ever had to deal with your heat not working during the winter? Have you had to experience what happens when your AC breaks during the summer?

Here at Bruni & Campisi, we understand the frustration you feel when your HVAC has stopped working. In addition to causing discomfort for you, your family, your staff and your clients, these scenarios can have dangerous consequences.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take when your heating or cooling goes out to reduce risks and maintain a manageable environment. Let’s take a look at a few ideas for what to do when your HVAC stops working.

If It’s Too Cold…

If your electric heating fails because of a damaged or malfunctioning component in your HVAC system, the first thing you can do is utilize an electric space heater if one is available to provide temporary heat to a small interior area.

Should your heating system fail on a cold winter day due to a power outage, however, you can start by adding layers to your clothing, just as you would if you were walking outside. Move around as much as you can — if you don’t, you’ll start shivering anyhow.

If your home is equipped with a wood-burning stove, you’ll want to keep a small supply of dry, cut wood around through the winter season. Make sure your chimney has been cleaned by a professional before using it. If it’s been a while since your last chimney sweep, you may not want to use it.

To keep your pipes from freezing, you can first open your faucet just enough to start a drip. This will keep water flowing through your plumbing system and prevent it from icing up.

If It’s Too Hot…

If your HVAC system fails but your electricity still works, a window AC, portable air conditioner or fan can help keep your space cool until repairs can be completed.

If, however, your neighborhood is experiencing a power outage, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the heat inside your home. First, grab a towel and sop it up in a bucket of cold water. Wring it to rid of it excess water, then place it on your forehead to cool down. Spend time in the lowest room of your home — heat will rise and collect in its uppermost floor. Drink plenty of cool liquids. Staying hydrated is important on a hot day.

Bruni & Campisi: Your New York Metropolitan Area HVAC Repair Professionals

If you’re in Greenwich, CT, Stamford, CT, Westchester, NY or the surrounding area and find yourself asking the question, “Why is my HVAC not working?” contact us here at Bruni & Campisi. We provide emergency heating and cooling system repairs and can work with you to maintain your HVAC system’s components to prevent future breakdowns.

Since 1979, we’ve committed to providing our clients with outstanding craftsmanship and caring customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will have your HVAC back up and running in optimal condition.

What to Consider Before Installing a Radiant Heating System

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Radiant Flooring Heat?
  2. Difference Between Radiation Heat Transfer and Convection
  3. Modern Radiant Heat Systems
  4. Different Types of Radiant Floor Heating (RFH)
  5. Economical Hydronic Radiant Heat Installation
  6. Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  7. Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat Systems

Your friends warmly extend an invitation to visit their brand new home. You’ve heard so much about it, and they’re thrilled to show it off. It’s in a wonderful location and, as you drive up, you’re taken with its stunning façade and striking landscaping. First impressions are lasting, and it’s already leaving a great one.

They answer the door, smiling. You gaze about, raving about the finishing. A great room concept with high vaulted ceilings and Palladian windows. A gorgeous chandelier. Wide baseboards and thick crown moldings. And those floors! Dark slate in the foyer and golden-hued hardwood throughout.

They take your coat, and you step out of your shoes, ready to take the tour. Then you stop. Something hits you as you stand on the stone, and then move in toward the hardwood floors. They’re so warm! Your friends keep smiling as they watch you react. Before you can ask, they answer for you. “It’s radiant floor heating.” You’re instantly sold on the warmth and start to consider installing a radiant heating system in your own home.


Flush a Radiator

A radiator is the part that keeps the heater cool. Once sludge and rust build up inside the radiator it becomes less effective and the performance of the heater becomes less efficient. A regular radiator flush can help maintain the heater and increase its lifespan.

A clean heater doesn’t just look nice it also works well. And if it works more efficiently, then it’s using less fuel. There are easy steps to flushing a radiator.

  • Make sure the power line is off.
  • Use an air compressor or a hair dryer to blow out dust.
  • Once the dust has been loosened, vacuum it out using a narrow nozzle or radiator brush.
  • Clean the radiator with warm soapy water.
  • Turn the radiator back on.

For Heater Maintenance Services Call Bruni & Campisi

Our fully stocked fleet of radio dispatched service trucks are ready 24/7 for heating, plumbing and air conditioning repair. We can also provide an annual maintenance plan. Regular maintenance can help you to take corrective measures for any problem that may arise.

If you live in Westchester County, NY, Greenwich or Stamford in CT, and you need the assistance of a heating contractor, call Bruni & Campisi at 914.229.2809 (NY) and 203.413.5533 (CT).

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