The primary function of a baseboard heater is to provide heat to enclosed spaces such as basements and living rooms. Its performance depends on the ability to generate heat under minimal usage of electricity, and the durability of the material for long term usage. Baseboard heaters can be divided into two categories:

  1. Electric Convection: These heaters contain an electric coil. It has a thermostat wrapped in the inner wall of the body for heat generation. Electric convection heaters are affordable and come in various watts. One of the advantages of convection heaters is there is less chance of leakage since no liquid is used and the ability to last long.
  2. Hydronic and Oil-Filled: These heaters use hydronic systems, which are in-built or fed from a central boiler system to generate heat. Oil or water is heated by the heating element instead of heating the air directly. The advantage of this kind of heater is after the thermostat is turned off, the liquid inside remains warm and continues to provide heat. However, the heater is more costly.

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