Why You Should Repair Your AC Now

Whether it is hot and humid or cold and dry out, a well functioning air conditioner is vital to maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) and preventing sickness. Postponing much-needed repair could create IAQ problems and damage your health in the long run. Leaving the AC unrepaired and without regular maintenance could also cost more in the end when you find the entire unit needs to be replaced prematurely.

AC Repair / Maintenance and Your Health

A proper functioning air conditioner helps ventilate the rooms and bring in fresh air to all corners of the home. In these summer months, having a working AC is great for keeping you cool and the humidity out. So it is easy to procrastinate and put off regular maintenance, but delaying it could be compounding previously undetected problems and eventually lead to a breakdown.

A malfunctioning AC also means poor air circulation and increased pollutants. This may be a mild annoyance at first, including short term symptoms such as eyes and nose irritation. And during winter months, the stale air manifests itself into a factory for colds and viruses. However, in the long run, exposure to this pollution could produce symptoms akin to asthma and lead to respiratory problems.

Repairing versus Replacing the AC

If you feel the AC is not as effective as it should be, hiring a professional to immediately identify and fix the may mean a simple change of a filter or fan, and usually costs less than two hundred dollars. However, delaying simple repairs for a long period could lead to other parts of the system to fail. In the end, the entire unit may need replacement, and even a simple central AC could cost over a thousand dollars.

It is much better to repair and maintain that air conditioning system now, not only to save you from unexpected future expenses, but also to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

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