Peace of Mind Annual
Maintenance Agreements

Air Conditioning Systems 

Keep your air conditioning system running efficiently with an annual maintenance plan from Bruni & Campisi.

We offer gold, silver, and bronze level plans to meet your specific needs. Compare plan benefits below and sign up for an annual maintenance plan today.

One Annual Cooling Check-Up
  • Check/record operating pressures
  • Measure superheat/subcooling temperatures
  • Inspect capacitors & contactors   
  • Evaluate condenser fan motor  
  • Evaluate evaporator blower motor
  • Clean and flush out condensate pump & clear drainage piping
  • Tighten and inspect electrical controls & compressor operation 
  • Monitor system starting capability & operation
  • Measure refrigerant levels
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Inspect overall operation & condition of equipment 
  • Provide a written record of procedures performed
Extended equipment life

By providing regular maintenance your system should work better and last longer.

Filter maintenance and replacement

We will check and clean or replace the existing air filter during our Maintenance visit. New filters can be provided by you or we will supply at additional charge.

Priority response and treatment as a Peace of Mind Maintenance Agreement Holder

As a Peace Mind Maintenance Agreement Holder, your request for service will be given priority response for a/c service before non-agreement holders.

Discounted pricing ALL YEAR LONG for any service

Special discounted Peace of Mind Maintenance Agreement holder pricing for all service and repairs.

Agreement is transferable

Agreement is transferable to a new owner if you sell your home.

Improved system efficiency

With a Peace of Mind maintenance agreement your air conditioning equipment will be maintained regularly and will work more efficiently and dependably.

Water leak detector

One (1) battery operated water floor sensor will be placed in the condensate pan or on the floor near your equipment. This detector can easily be moved to any preferable location.

Coil cleaning

The exterior condensing unit coils will be chemically washed (using environmentally safe cleaning products) each year.

Mold inhibitor

 A mold inhibiting tablet or solution will be placed in the condensate pan or drain to inhibit mold growth.


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