Save Energy This Summer

20 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

It’s easy to consume more electricity in the summer months. That’s not great for your wallet or for the planet. Here are some ways to save energy by optimizing your air conditioning usage and tweaking some other habits.


Reducing Energy Consumption

18 Tips for Living Sustainably at Home: Reducing Energy Consumption

As Earth Day 2024 rolls around, are you thinking about how your lifestyle impacts the environment? Here are some ideas for reducing your carbon footprint and living sustainably at home by reducing your energy consumption and more.


How to Save Energy & Lower Utility Bills at Home

Looking for ways to save energy?

Are your utility bills going up month by month? Yes, rates are increasing. But the part you can control is your energy usage. Your older home is becoming less energy efficient over time. That’s harming the planet, costing you money, and making your home uncomfortable. You are probably noticing drafts, hot and cold spots, and excess humidity.

Your home can waste energy in many ways. So where do you start to make improvements that save energy, lower your bills, and improve comfort? 

Start with a home energy audit. Here’s what homeowners in Westchester need to know.


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