Looking for ways to save energy?

Are your utility bills going up month by month? Yes, rates are increasing. But the part you can control is your energy usage. Your older home is becoming less energy efficient over time. That’s harming the planet, costing you money, and making your home uncomfortable. You are probably noticing drafts, hot and cold spots, and excess humidity.

Your home can waste energy in many ways. So where do you start to make improvements that save energy, lower your bills, and improve comfort? 

Start with a home energy audit. Here’s what homeowners in Westchester need to know.

A home energy audit identifies the best ways to lower utility bills

A home energy audit (also called a home energy assessment) is the simplest way to learn how to save energy at home and lower utility bills. 

An energy auditor inspects your home and analyzes your home’s energy efficiency. You get a report that recommends changes you can make to save energy, based on your home’s age, design, condition, and usage.

For example, you could learn that installing more energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment could cut your energy usage in half. You also might get recommendations for sealing specific areas of your home and adding insulation to reduce heat and cooling loss.

You may be able to make some improvements yourself. Others will require the help of a professional. You can choose which improvements to make based on your budget and your needs.

If you have an older home, and especially if you’re planning to replace your HVAC system, you can get valuable tips that help you make smart decisions and save a bundle.

Homeowners who make the recommended improvements can expect to save an average of 25% per year on energy costs.

More benefits of an energy audit:

If saving energy and money, improving comfort, and reducing your carbon footprint isn’t enough, there are even more reasons to get a home energy audit:

  • Get tax credits and rebates for the improvements you make. When you make home improvements recommended by your energy auditor, you can take advantage of tax credits, manufacturer rebates, and utility rebates that save you thousands. 
  • Identify hazards. An audit can also reveal health and safety issues your home may have, such as poor indoor air quality or mold growth. You might not even realize that you and your family are at risk.
  • Increase your home’s value. If you are planning to sell your home in the not-to-distant-future, getting an energy assessment and making home energy efficiency improvements can boost its value and make it more attractive to buyers.
  • It costs you nothing. Bruni & Campisi provides energy audits to homeowners in Westchester and Putnam counties at no cost to you through the NYSERDA program. 

What does an energy auditor do?

An expert energy auditor follows a specific process to assess your home energy efficiency, including the following steps: 

  • Examine your home’s exterior, including the size, number, and condition of walls and windows.
  • Inspect the age, condition and operation of your HVAC and water heater equipment
  • Perform a blower door test to measure the air-tightness of your home
  • Perform a thermographic scan to measure heat and cooling loss, using infrared cameras to measure your home’s surface temperature 
  • Talk with you about your home occupancy and usage patterns
  • Examine your recent energy expenses

How to prepare for your home energy assessment:

Get ready for your energy audit by gathering the following information for your auditor:

  • Copies of your energy bills over the past year, or a summary of your expenses
  • List any problems you have noticed, such as temperature inconsistencies, drafty rooms, or condensation forming on windows
  • Records of recent HVAC maintenance or repairs
  • Records of recent renovations (such as replacing roofing, siding or windows)

Bruni & Campisi can help you save energy & improve your comfort 

An energy audit tells you how to save energy at home and lower utility bills. Here’s why Bruni & Campisi is the company you can rely on to give you smart, helpful advice:

Highly trained and knowledgeable experts. Our licensed and insured technicians and service providers can advise you on many areas for home energy efficiency improvements.

We help you save money. We can provide you with ROI calculations for the improvements we recommend, and even help you obtain rebates.

We stand behind our work. We schedule appointments at your convenience, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our services. 

[Learn more about NYSERDA Home Energy Audits]

Bruni & Campisi provides 24/7 emergency service, installation, and maintenance for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and generators in Westchester, Fairfield, and Putnam Counties. We also offer energy audits, sewer cleaning, and chimney cleaning. With our 40+ years of experience and training, you get the quality service you need.


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