8 Signs You Need a New Heating System

As the cool weather approaches here in Westchester, you’re probably thinking about turning on the heat. Are you concerned about your older furnace or boiler? If it was underperforming last year, now is a great time to think about a new heating system. If you get a furnace or boiler replacement before winter arrives, you can save yourself a lot of worry, hassle, and even money.


But do you really need a new heating system right now? Here are 8 signs to look for. If you have noticed more than one of these (and sometimes even one is enough), it’s time to consider a new furnace or new boiler.

Do you need a new heating system? 8 signs to look for:

1. Age of the equipment

If your residential furnace or boiler is 15-20 years old, it’s close to the end of its life. It’s smart to replace it before it breaks down completely, and you find yourself without heat.

2. Recurring repair issues

Think about your heating equipment like a car. When it’s new, it just needs regular maintenance. As it ages, things will start to break and you’ll have to pay for increasingly expensive repairs. At a certain point, it’s just not worth sinking more money into it. Then it’s time for a new one. If you have had recurring problems with your furnace or boiler, or a steady stream of different problems, it’s time to consider a new heating system.  

3. Signs of a carbon monoxide leak

If members of your household are experiencing symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and nausea, there’s a possibility your furnace has a slow leak of carbon monoxide. It can happen if you have a crack in your furnace’s heat exchanger or in flue pipes. 

With a very small leak, you might not experience symptoms right away. But there might be signs in the room where your furnace is located, such as soot stains around the furnace or a yellow pilot light (more on that one in a minute). 

THIS IS DANGEROUS! If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, get everyone out of the house and call emergency services immediately.

If this happens to you, you won’t want to take a chance on repairing your old furnace. Replace it and keep your family safe.

4. Unusual noises from the heating system

Your furnace or boiler can make all kinds of worrisome (and annoying) noises as it gets older. Some of them may be caused by issues that are repairable. But if you keep fixing things and new noises keep developing, it’s a sign that the parts are getting worn. You can expect more problems to come, and probably a complete breakdown in the not-too-distant future. 

Stop the noises, and stop worrying about a breakdown, by getting a new boiler or new furnace this heating season.

5. Pilot issues 

Your older furnace or boiler probably has a pilot light (new equipment might not). The pilot should burn a bright blue. If it’s yellow or orange, the gas-to-air mixture is not right. That not only reduces the efficiency of your system but also can produce carbon monoxide. 

If the pilot light keeps going out, chances are you have a faulty thermocouple. That’s very dangerous because this part acts as a safety check to keep gas from building up in your home if the pilot light goes out. 

Pilot issues are dangerous and should not be ignored. 

Combined with other issues listed here, pilot issues are a sign that your system has deteriorated to the point where it’s not worth fixing. 

6. Short cycling or constantly running

Older boilers and furnaces tend to run inefficiently. It may run constantly in the effort to heat your home to set temperature, or constantly turn on and off (called short cycling).

Either way, it’s a sign that the parts are aging and nearing the end of their useful life. 

7. High utility bills

When your heating system is running constantly or short cycling, that uses more power and more fuel. The older your furnace or boiler gets, you are likely to see your utility bills steadily climbing.

Getting a furnace or boiler replacement can bring a significant drop in your energy expenses since a new heating system will be much more energy efficient.

8. Temperature variance

Have you noticed temperature inconsistencies in your home: some areas are too warm while others are too cold? That can happen because of your older, inefficient heating system and also due to problems with your ductwork.

When you invest in a new heating system, you also have the chance to replace damaged ductwork and fix duct design issues. The result is consistent comfort you can count on.

Furnace or boiler replacement is quicker & easier than you think

If you think you need a new heating system, fall is a great time to do it. Demand is lower, so you can get it done faster. It’ll be done before winter kicks in, so you don’t have to worry about being without heat. And you can save money with manufacturer incentives and rebates this time of year.

Bruni & Campisi makes heating installation easy with 24/7 service in Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield counties. Our technicians are licensed, friendly, professional and willing to explain the entire heating installation process to give you confidence that you’re getting the best system for your home. 

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